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Can you believe…

Only 12% of people floss daily?!

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Never Forget…

Today we honor & remember all the lives that were affected by this day 17 years ago.

Straighten your teeth the invisible way!

Curious about how to get straighter teeth without all that metal?

Wouldn’t it be nice to straighten your teeth with invisible braces?

Here’s what you should know. https://rwl.io/2N38eob

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This Summer has been a hot one…

… and it doesn’t feel like it’ll be cooling down anytime soon.

Ouch! Does this look familiar?

Too many people are victims to tooth sensitivity & they aren’t able to enjoy ice cream, even on a hot summer day.

We’ll we have some tricks up our sleeves that can have you enjoying ice cream again in no time!

If your’e experiencing sensitivity to cold like ice cream, ice water, or cold fruit, call (909)627-6699 to schedule an appointment.

We’ll take a look and see why you’re experiencing sensitivity & how we can help.

Sometimes it’s as simple as changing your toothpaste!



This patient just started the Clear Correct process

Clear Correct is a way to straighten teeth by using flexible plastic clear trays, instead of metal braces.

Most of the time Clear Correct can straighten teeth more quickly then metal braces too.

It’s a Win Win!

For this pt, It is going to correct the front crowding & overlapping.

This will not only give the patient a perfect smile, but it will also help decrease plaque build up!