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Comfort – We know that a large portion of your satisfaction comes from how you feel during your visits with us. That’s why we do everything we can to ease any level of anxiety and help you relax in the treatment chair. Our friendly team creates a warm and welcoming environment, and Dr. Cherukuri has a gift for comforting patients with dental phobia or apprehension. Her gentle and personable nature will put you at ease! We are dedicated to helping you have the most comfortable dental experience possible.


Competence – Whether it’s helping you fill out paperwork at the front desk, alleviating dental anxiety or performing a complex procedure, our highly-skilled team is competent in all aspects of your dental care. Dr. Cherukuri has been practicing for over 27 years and has developed deep insights into the standards of care and emerging dental trends. Her expertise and passion for dentistry allows her to deliver quality care with lasting results. You are in good hands here.


Trust – We have gained the trust of the community through the excellence of our care, and we intend to maintain that trust. The comprehensive services we provide and the advanced technology we invest in allow us to deliver the high-quality, long-lasting care that we promise. We respect our patients and do everything we can to build lasting relationships. We are honest and caring, and stand behind the work we do. You’ll quickly see that you can trust us to deliver an outstanding dental experience.


Patient Education – When you visit Smile Artistry of Chino Valley, expectations will always be clear. We take the time to thoroughly explain all options and procedures so you can make informed, confident decisions regarding your care. We believe that being informed will help you maintain better overall health, which is why we make patient education a priority.

If you are looking for a dentist in Chino CA, and you value these qualities, call Smile Artistry today! The comfortable and trustworthy care she provides sets us apart — come see the difference!